They held an event called “She. Is. Ready.”The event’s purpose was “Celebrating Black Women in Technology.”

Held in New Orleans and hosted by Bronze Valley, this event featured many black women “techpreneurs” and highlighted their applications.

The connection she needed — who knew she’d find him because of the Mixtroz platform?

K-Rob Thomas, Alabama Power’s Power Delivery General Manager, happened to participate in the event. The morning prior, he was lucky enough to have breakfast with an Alabama judge. He tells us, “Ironically enough, during the Mixtroz session, a young lady in my group expressed a desire to meet that same judge. She had been the inspiration for the pursuit of her own Juris Doctorate degree. She had been working on how to approach the judge for a meeting to seek guidance for her path forward.”

Of course, neither of them had met before. K-Rob was coincidentally able to connect this young lady to the judge with whom he had breakfast with that very same day.  “It turned out to be an amazing moment that was truly touching for her,” according to K-Rob. He tells us that she did indeed meet her idol because of Mixtroz.  And she was extremely emotional for that chance encounter!

Mixtroz hears about these types of coincidental stories that happen during their mixes over and over.  It is natural to make powerful connections using Mixtroz. The software has powerful algorithms that assign attendees in purposeful groups. These groups are in fact specifically designed to make these types of special connections!

About Mixtroz

Mixtroz is an event planning software that engages and improves events for attendees while collecting data for event hosts.  Attendees download the Mixtroz app and complete a virtual name tag and survey customized by the organizer. At a predetermined time, the app simultaneously matches attendees and guides them to an intelligently automated match of people for a curated group connection experience in real-time! At the completion of the “mix,” the organizer gains the visualized survey data collected from the interactions which can be used to drive future revenue-generating cost-cutting measures all throughout your organization. Mixtroz can be up and running at your event instantaneously. So, to get started working less and innovating more, visit Mixtroz at, or contact us here.