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In order to get the maximum benefit out of each Upward session, you will need to complete a “pre-work” assignment. Each month the assignment will be posted here. Some assignments must be turned in to Momentum. Others are prep-work for the class and should be printed, completed, and added to your binder. Specific instructions will be given for each assignment.


March Session

Momentum Conference Vision 2020

All conference information and session handouts are still available through the Guidebook mobile app.

Go to the Session Tracks in the menu, select a category, select a session, and look for the handout after the session description and speaker info.



Each of our keynote speakers has great information, video, books, and other resources  on their respective websites.

April Session

Learning and Development “Selfies”: Understand Your Purpose and Take Control of Your Career Development

Facilitator: Dawn Burke

The concept of “career” has changed dramatically in the modern workplace. Careers are no longer a lifetime pursuit of one distinct career path, but rather a pursuit of many talents, skills and roles, resulting in more fulfilling work.

In this interactive session you’ll learn:

  • What research teaches us about the importance of continuous career development
  • How to create a written career development plan incorporating “purpose” in your planning
  • How to overcome obstacles and accelerate your career development

Recorded ZOOM Session (Dawn’s content starts at 19:00 min)

Dawn’s wrap up (the last 20 minutes)

Session Handouts:

May Session

Working in Teams

Facilitators: Andrea McCaskey, April Benetollo, and Momentum Alumnae Jeannine Bailey,  Kathy Boswell, Leigh Davis, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Christy Thomas. 

In this session we tackle building trust on teams, working through conflict, unwritten rules, managing up, remote teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, and working across multiple generations. The format is via Zoom with breakout discussions led by Momentum Alumnae.

Recommended reading:



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