Protecting Your Genius with LaConya Murray

Momentum prides itself on being a resource for empowering women in leadership. Alabama native, Attorney LaConya Murray – also known as the “Brand Attorney” – has been making waves in the legal field by “empowering high achieving professionals and creative masterminds to protect their brand and their own genius.” 

In high school, LaConya knew she wanted to one day practice corporate law, but not in the traditional corporate setting. After graduating from law school, she worked for an attorney for one year before branching out and starting her own practice. 

In the beginning, she did it all — including disability, criminal, and family law. However, her true passion was found helping entrepreneurs. During our interview she said, “I think small business owners are the backbone of our society, and when they are able to operate in their genius and create and provide, then the whole world benefits.” 

She quickly found that these entrepreneurs were faced with two main challenges: first, lawyers were unapproachable, and secondly, many didn’t understand intellectual property or the value it holds. This is when she decided to transition her practice from general law to trademarks, copyright, and business development. 

Overall, she wants to help entrepreneurs package their intellectual property and protect it. Because the work that she does is federal, she is able to help people entrepreneurs not only in Alabama, but all over the United States. 

So what exactly is intellectual property? LaConya describes it as “the product of the mind.” From individual blog posts to the name of a product or company, if it helps people identify the source of a good or a service it is intellectual property, or what she likes to refer to as your “genius.” 

Going forward, she specifically wants to see more women own their genius, which not only includes their intellectual property but encompasses a sense of self. When describing the word “genius,” LaConya went on to say that, “As women we have to own ourselves and stop retreating into what other people think that we should be.” 

LaConya’s overall mission is “always to educate, inspire, and protect.  I want to continue educating people on what it means to create, protect their brands and grow their businesses.” In an effort to take the worry of intellectual property out of launching, she offers business owners flat fee legal services. For those interested in learning more about intellectual property, she’s created a free “Protect Your Brand” mini course. You can access the course here. LaConya also offers consulting services for business owners and entrepreneurs that are ready to defeat their fear, launch legally and confidently build the brands of their dreams. On her site you will also find books, business development tools, contract templates and more to help you launch legally! If you are an entrepreneur looking for a tribe of like-minded geniuses, join her free Facebook group “The Genius Lounge™”. The Genius Lounge™ is where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs come together to support, motivate, and encourage each other to own their genius.

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