How Diversity in the Workplace Helps Businesses Thrive

Martina Winston (far right) will be leading a breakout session called “Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.” She works as the VP & Senior HR Partner Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader at Protective Life.

In today’s day and age, the economy is increasingly global. Everything is easily accessible through a quick click of a few buttons and some extra-strong Wifi. With different people and cultures working together all over the world, it’s important to have diversity in the workplace. 

Traditionally, when people think of “diversity in the workplace,” they think of people of different genders and races. However, nowadays, having diversity includes employees of different cultures, different languages, and different skill sets and educational backgrounds. 

Here are three big ways that introducing diversity can benefit a company:

  1. Connect to a broad range of consumers: When businesses serve consumers around the world, having employees who can speak different languages and make connections in various global locations will make customers feel more comfortable and help to break communication barriers
  2. Greater creativity: A group of people with different backgrounds and cultural upbringings putting their thoughts together will result in new ideas and innovations that will target a wider range of consumers
  3. Different strengths: Having employees who specialize in different aspects of the company can not only improve efficiency, but it can also help to teach other employees new skills that can be beneficial in other sectors of the company

Creating a diverse group of employees is beneficial to the business as a whole in the short term and the long term as the global economy continues to grow. Not only will the company benefit internally, but they can also market to a wider range of people when selling to other businesses and consumers. 

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