Mindy Santo joined Momentum in October of 2019 as Mentor Coordinator to expand the mentor matching services and coordinate the program on a daily basis. Mindy assists in processing requests, making matches, mentor training and recruiting, ongoing communications, and tracking results.

Mindy enjoyed 20 years of experience in the corporate retail, merchandising and event industries. Her flair for connecting to customers, creating experiences and meetings led her to take a leap of faith to focus on helping others create a better, intentional life for themselves…Mindy had navigated both corporate and entrepreneurial journeys and she looks forward to walking with others on theirs.

She feels like she has a superpower to “see” potential in people! These skills are a perfect match for her work as an Empowerment Coach – where she encourages women to learn how to tap into their strength and power so they can realize their full potential – and as Momentum’s Mentor Coordinator where she matches mentors and mentees to help them reach their important goals and thrive.

Fast Facts

Female Role Model: Women who show up everyday trying their best!
Hobbies: Dancing, Walking, Kayaking, Writing, and Cooking
Favorite Podcast: “The Jump” with Shirley Manson
Favorite Book: “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert
Best Restaurant in Birmingham: Gianmarco’s Wine Shed
Best Coffee Shop in Birmingham: General

Why do you work for Momentum?

“It’s so satisfying to be part of a movement where women are built up through support, encouragement, guidance, joy, passion, and love. The transformations I have witnessed throughout the years as a volunteer first, and now Mentor Coordinator have moved me. I’m grateful to be part of this important mission.”

What have you learned as a Mentor?

“I’m a natural connector, so the Mentor Coordinator at Momentum is a perfect fit! I have mentored in different roles throughout my career, and have enjoyed the experience thoroughly. It’s been a valuable part of my career trajectory. I highly recommend mentoring, and being mentored, there’s value in both.”