When do program applications open for the Momentum executive leadership class?  How do I apply?

Applications for Momentum’s executive leadership program are accepted each year during the month of April. Selections are made in May, and applicants are notified of placement in June.

How long does the Momentum executive program run?
The executive program begins in September with an opening retreat and meets for a full day monthly, with the exception of December, and concludes with a two-day session and graduation ceremony in May.

Can I apply if I have more than 7 years of experience?

Two to seven years is a target range. Even if you have a few more years of experience, we strongly encourage you to apply. Our facilitators are prepared with curriculum that is relevant to you as well. In addition, a key tenet of the Momentum experience is mentoring. We have found that mentoring happens both up and down the career ladder. While your years of experience give you additional insights to share, there will be much to learn from everyone in the class.


Do I have to be in a leadership role currently?

No. Leadership is influence. While you may not have a formal leadership title, Momentum is looking for women who use their knowledge of processes and people to influence decisions in their environment. We will arm you with skills and how best to utilize them to position you for your first (or next) leadership role.


Can my company have more than one applicant for Upward?

Yes. The selection committee will look for representation across several categories; industry, discipline, race/ethnicity. Companies that have multiple applicants have the best opportunity for up to two of their employees to be selected. We will have two classes, morning and afternoon. To maintain candor, there will only be one person from a company in each class.


What does it cost and who usually pays?

The investment for Upward, inclusive of meals and materials, is $2,000 for the year. The investment for the executive program, inclusive of retreat, meals and materials, is $4,000. The tuition may be paid by the organization, the participant, or a combination.


Are there scholarships available?

Full and partial scholarships may be available. In line with demand we will make scholarship granting decisions in the summer for the executive program and in the fall for Upward. Please include with your application a brief written statement explaining your financial need.


Is it mandatory to attend ALL sessions?

Attendance of at least eight of the nine sessions is required. The first session (full  orientation) and last session (graduation) are mandatory. If you have a conflict with either of those dates you will need to defer to another year. A participant may have one excused absence during the other sessions of the program.


For the Upward program, can I choose morning class or afternoon class?

Once participants are selected, we will make every effort to honor such requests.

What if I am not selected this year?

We encourage you to apply again. This program has been enthusiastically received and we anticipate demand to be high and we are only able to select 30 women in each class. The application process for those applying for the second time will only require an updated resume.

How do I become a corporate sponsor?
Any organization interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of either the Momentum program or the Leadership Conference, should contact Momentum CEO, April Benetollo.

How do I request a mentor?
If you are interested in this program and want to request a mentor, read more here.

Can I make a personal contribution?
Yes.  Momentum is grateful to those individuals who have made a personal contribution.  Find out about levels of giving and donate online here.

Is MOMENTUM a 501c3 and are my donations tax deductible?
Yes, Momentum is a 501c3 and donations are tax deductible as allowed under the limits of the law.

How often do you host a Leadership Conference?
The Momentum Leadership Conference is scheduled in late February or March every two years in the even year (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022).

Who should attend the Momentum Leadership Conference?
The Momentum Conference is open to women and men of all ages. Most participants are between 25 and 60.

What is the Momentum Women’s Breakfast?
The Momentum Women’s Breakfast is held every other year and is an opportunity for women to come together for networking and professional programming.  Women’s organizations in Alabama are invited to attend.