Participant Criteria

Attendees participate in 360° assessment testing, develop a personal leadership plan, and come together for a luncheon orientation, an overnight opening retreat, seven full day sessions, and a closing retreat. Session faculty include top local leaders and national facilitators. Participants may be paired with a senior mentor or group of mentors, as well as benefit from peer mentoring. They will also become mentors following program completion.

Each class consists of approximately 25 participants with diverse backgrounds, professions, and civic experiences.

The following is the general profile of the target participant:

  • Holds a minimum of 10-years of high level professional or civic experience in her career and community
  • Possesses significant management experience
  • Demonstrates leadership in high level projects or initiatives
  • Demonstrates strong written and verbal communications skills

Participants will:

  • Gain tools to step up to more difficult leadership challenges
  • Gain a broader perspective with greater diversification of ideas in decision making
  • Leverage their affiliations with MOMENTUM resulting in an enhanced professional and civic image
  • Learn from excellent national and local facilitators, as well as from participants in the program
  • Benefit from a mentoring relationship with an experienced community leader or group of leaders
  • Help build a broader base of women decision makers and philanthropists
  • Leave the program equipped to make a stronger difference in their careers and communities