Corporate Training


Did you know Momentum offers customizable workshops & training, for both women and men, to supplement internal corporate training programs?

Most topics can be delivered in a 90-minute lunch and learn, half-day workshop, or full day of training.

Potential topics include:

Why Diversity Matters
The fundamentals of cultivating diverse, inclusive, equitable teams– and why they achieve better outcomes. 

Next Level Leadership
No matter where you are in your career, focus on four core areas to move to the next level.

Leading with Strengths
Learn to recognize and leverage strengths while managing around weaknesses for a more productive and rewarding career

Building Your Personal Brand
Develop the signature traits that define who you are, how you want to be perceived, and truly reflect your core values.

Healthy Conflict
How teams build trust, engage in healthy debate, and commit to the final decision. 

Decoding Bias
How implicit bias impairs our judgement and holds us back. 

Flawless Feedback
How to give and receive healthy feedback. 

Momentum sessions can be customized to reflect your organization’s values, as well as the size and career-level of the intended audience. For more information, email our Director of Programs, Andrea McCaskey.