Ideas for Class Gatherings

Meet for drinks and/or dinner

Here are a few restaurants that do well with groups that come and go on a “flow.” We have designated those that are woman-owned with a (W).

Potluck dinner at a classmate’s house

When everyone brings a dish and/or a bottle of wine, hosting isn’t so hard! When you want to be super-organized, use an app like Perfect Potluck to make it easy.

Go for an “experience” outing

  • Try your hand at making a ceramic piece at Thrive Clay Studio (right next to Momentum!) Owner Lana will even let you set up appetizers and wine for a “Sips and Strokes” type of experience. For groups of 6 or more she’ll set up a private workshop.
  • Visit an exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Art and stay for a meal or just a drink at Oscar’s.
  • Meet for wine and cheese at Momentum, then walk over for dinner to one of several fine Pepper Place restaurants, including Ovenbird, Cantina, Bettola, and Blueprint on 3rd.