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Participants Directory: 

Contact Information for April 24, and all sessions to date.

Committee Updates: 

MWM CEO Advisory Board Call Notes (November 2018) – includes summary of October 3rd Workgroup Session on Data/Metrics

MWM Workgroup Session Notes – Recruiting (January 2019) 

MWM Workgroup Session Notes – A Competitive Edge: Inclusive Training, Development, and Retention (April 2019)

MWM Workgroup Session Notes – How Inclusion and Diversity Can Shape Policy 


Shared Materials and Resources: 

Inclusion & Diversity, October Session:

BBVA Presentation “Diversity & Inclusion Journey” 

Encompass Health Presentation “Diversity & Inclusion Journey”

Recruiting, January Session:

The Chalker Group – personalized experiences for top-level recruits

Joonko – online service supporting diversity in recruiting, hiring and retention through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology.

Textio – online “augmented writing” service that audits job descriptions and optimizes them for the candidate slate you want to hire.

Hirevu – online service offering predictive assessments of video interviews.

Inclusive Training, Development, and Retention, April Session:

Implicit Bias – Presentation by Anne Marie Seibel

Melody Hobson, TEDTalk, “Color Blind or Color Brave”

UAB Office for Diversity and Inclusion – The Common Thread

Franklin Covey – Championing Diversity

Jennifer Brown Consulting 

Lenora Billings-Harris – STOP Multicultural Mishaps Now

Workplace Policy to Support Women in Leadership (August Session)

BBVA D&I Best Practices

BBVA D&I Presentation 

Suggested Reading:

 7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process

Effective Leadership Strategies at Pivotal Points for Women

Bias Interrupters