Dr. Shilpa Gaggar

Active Allyship
Pharmacist, UAB Hospital

Session: Active Allyship

Many women, particularly women of color, would like to be able to bring their full selves to work or any environment in which they invest a significant amount of time. However, it can be challenging to navigate spaces where no one looks like you. Or having to go along with the status quo for fear of either not seeming like a team player or losing advancement opportunities. We can all do better to build inclusion and belonging in our spaces; however, change starts with individuals who are willing to take responsibility for their own attitudes and actions. Allyship involves knowing how to show up every day to make spaces fair and welcoming for all. Many people have a desire to be effective allies, but few know where to start. This breakout helped women determine how to effectively go above and beyond and outside your comfort zone to be an active ally in the workplace. Dr. Kristin Powell modereated this discussion with Melody Banks and Dr. Shilpa Gaggar.

About Shilpa: 

Shilpa Gaggar moved to the Birmingham area in 2001 for her spouse’s residency at UAB. She graduated from the University of Michigan with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Shilpa has spent 20 years as a pharmacist at UAB Hospital, currently working in Infusion Therapy at The Kirklin Clinic since 2014.  She is involved in local community organizations including serving on the board of the PTO at her children’s school, the board of the Hoover City Schools Foundation and serving as an Ambassador with Hoover-AHEAD. In her spare time, Shilpa enjoys singing with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra Chorus and traveling with her husband and two children, 5th and 9th graders in Hoover City Schools.

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