Duanna Pang

Discerning Leadership

Duanna Pang is a Certified Leadership Coach, Author and Mindfulness Teacher whose mission in life is grounded in the inquiry: How can leadership reduce suffering? Over the past 15 years, through her business Discerning Leadership (https://discerningleadership.com), she has coached C-suite executives (CEOs, CHROs, CFOs), physicians, physician leaders, engineers and non-profit executives in America and Singapore, to become skillful, resilient leaders.

A trained Mindfulness Teacher, Duanna is adept at guiding leaders to lower their stress and burnout levels—a skill few leadership coaches possess. Duanna is a Past President of the International Coach Federation’s North & Central Alabama Chapter. She is the author of Inspired and Prosperous: 11 World-renowned Coaches Reveal their Success and Sustainability Secrets, and a co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.

Life is short and leadership can be hard. That’s why Duanna promises to infuse a lightness of being and a sense of humor in her work with leaders like you.

Session: How Leaders can Build Mental and Emotional Strength

What enables one leader to inspire confidence, loyalty and high performance, while others—with equal vision and smarts—stumble again and again? There is no simple answer, but reliable studies point to a leader’s ability to find meaning and learn from intense, traumatic and unplanned events (referred to as crucible events).

This webinar will explore key resilience training that can help you build an unshakeable core of mental and emotional strength—and achieve high performance.

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