Hillary Wicht

Voice Your Power, March 12th morning keynote session at 8:15

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Cultivate confidence. Stand in your truth. Step into your greatest vision of yourself. How? By mastering one of the most important tools of mega successful people: your voice.

Are you ready to access the full power of yours?

At a certain level in your career, your good work or intelligence is no longer a strong differentiator. It’s about how you extend that knowledge and expertise in a way that informs while also inspires others to follow your lead. Improving your communication skills will allow you to express yourself with more confidence. More confidence will allow for more positive visibility. More positive visibility will lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Studies in acoustic science and psychology consistently conclude it is not what we are saying, but how we are saying it, that determines if we create the impact and influence we intend.

Hillary Wicht is a voice & presence expert specializing in the psychology of influential communication.  She has been sought by the Stanford Entrepreneurial Program for her work in the psychology of pitching for profit , tapped by the Wall Street Journal for her work on the impact of gender communication styles in the corporate realm and a thoughtleader on the TEDx stage. Here she will take a comprehensive authoritative approach to the science and skill behind what it means to truly Show Up authentically and communicate in a way that establishes connection, builds trust, encourages inclusion, and moves people to action. If you want to reach your highest level of success, you need to build a voice and presence for leadership.

March 12th breakout session at 1:15 pm
How You Show Up

How you show up, in your verbal and non-verbal cues within your communication style, directly impacts the ways others perceive who you are, your level of expertise, the value you bring to the table and the opportunities you are ready for.

Voice is the primary way we extend who we are out into the world. What we value, our ideas, and what we bring to the table all come through the vehicle of voice. Yet, very few know how to use the power of voice effectively. Worse, many have unconscious habits that are undermining their authority, negatively impacting the way they are being perceived and ultimately getting in the way of their success.

During this hands-on experiential we will take a deeper dive into the psychology of influential communication to learn the science and skills behind effective communication to advocate, influence and maximize your success.

  • We will discover the technical aspects of communication that can be leveraged to better create the perceptions we intend.
  • We will uncover common power leaks for female communication styles that unconsciously siphon away impact & minimize authority, keeping women small, unseen, & unheard.
  • We will highlight specific techniques & strategies that will improve one’s ability to stand in their value & expertise.
  • We will implement tools that will immediately allow you to Show Up with more confidence.

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