Howie Schaffer

Allyship in Action
Howie Schaffer, Founder & Chief Inclusion Strategist, Big Tent Consulting

Session: Allyship in Action

This session focused on helping participants understand common barriers to being an effective and action-oriented ally. Through dialogue, interactive media, and storytelling, participants gain a clearer understanding of the subjectivity of their belief systems. And they develop a greater respect and appreciation of other belief frameworks utilized by their colleagues and clients. Many of us feel comfortable calling ourselves an ally but are not leveraging our capacity to advance the career paths of our colleagues who regularly face discrimination, bias, and inequitable treatment in the workplace. Effective allyship requires courage, determination, and the ability to de-center yourself from the process. This workshop created insights and awareness about clear actions allies can take to better support, collaborate with and advocate for people from historically marginalized groups.

Our program facilitator is Howie Schaffer, Founder and Principal of Big Tent Consulting. Howie co-presented with Birmingham-native C. René Washington. Howie is a respected speaker, strategist and program facilitator who has worked with organizations across the globe, including Fortune 500 companies, higher education, federal agencies, healthcare providers, law firms, and nonprofit organizations. Howie has an undergraduate degree in communications from Cornell University and a graduate degree in philosophy of education from Columbia University.

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