Jenny-Rebecca Lewis

Self-Worth Deconstructed
Life Coach, Teacher, Author and Podcaster

Session: Self-Worth Deconstructed
What is self-worth? What does it mean to be you? Why is it important to know? What do the experiences of your life mean to you? In this session, Jenny shared stories and writing practices in order to discover the deep alchemies of your life and discover the truth and beauty of you.

“[G]ive special attention to the unique potential of each individual – the purpose that each person came into the world to nurture and to make blossom.” – Malidoma Patrice Some

About Jenny: 
After a 17-year career at a big law firm in New York, Jenny turned toward a life of deep personal practice, self-development and spiritual exploration. She moved to California and then returned to Alabama where she grew up to reconnect with her soul, her lineage, and her own true purpose – teaching, speaking and learning through community and creation. She teaches, speaks and coaches 1:1 and in groups about purpose, the power of full expression, personal alignment and self-worth. In 2019, she created a podcast called Sex, Race and Money which discusses the learning power of each of those topics. She is a certified Bikram yoga teacher, and an author of the children’s book entitled, Duma’s Song, which calls its readers back to their soul songs. 


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Her book, Dumas Songis available in paperback and electronically on Amazon.

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