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Women and Finance: Creating a life filled with meaning, happiness, and Financial Well Being
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Session: Women and Finance: Creating a life filled with meaning, happiness, and Financial Well Being

What is it about finance that eludes women when we are so talented in many other areas?

Being financially independent is an important ambition for people of all upbringings, but it is critical for women, especially during this period of worldwide turbulence. Financial planning is one of the most effective actions women can take to help ensure their future independence and overall happiness.

Jenny Sneed, CFP®, ChFC® and Susan Copeland, CFP®, CDFA® from Bridgeworth Wealth Management led a session focusing on financial wellness, building upon participants knowledge, and helping build confidence surrounding their finances.  They helped enable participants  to save and invest in the future with more certainty, as people do in most other facets of their lives.

About Jenny: 

While studying accounting at Samford University, Jenny Sneed CFP®, ChFC® realized that she was more interested in using her love of order, math, and problem-solving to help individuals find financial direction than she was in reporting numbers on tax forms. She found her calling when she joined Bridgeworth in 2000.

Jenny focuses on helping clients get organized so that they can understand their current financial situation with a greater degree of clarity. She knows that while it is impossible to predict the future, if clients know where they are today and where they want to go, they can avoid making unconscious choices with their money – choices that do not reflect their stated goals and values. Clients reveal to her what is important to them, and Jenny’s job is to help them navigate their financial choices so that they can take advantage of all opportunities presented to them.

In addition to managing her practice and meeting the needs of her clients, Jenny serves on the Firm’s Finance and Best Practices Committee.

Jenny and her husband, Brian, are raising two children: Clay and Cara. They are active members of Hunter Street Baptist Church, and Jenny enjoys working with YWCA of Central Alabama and the Oasis Counseling Center for Women and Children.

About Susan: 

Susan Copeland, CFP®, CDFA® joined Bridgeworth in 2020, bringing over seven years of experience in client relationship management and comprehensive financial and retirement planning. Ongoing professional education has been a key component in Susan’s success. Through dedication, discipline, and support from her three sons, she obtained her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. She followed the CFP® with more specialized training by obtaining her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation, which helps clients navigate the financial and emotional life transition of divorce.

Susan has a passion for building deep, meaningful relationships that allow her to maximize financial planning, so it creates positive change and successful outcomes in her clients’ lives. By partnering with her clients, she integrates topics ranging from retirement planning, education funding, charitable giving, insurance risk management strategies, divorce planning, and portfolio management. She is passionate about helping clients live the life they want to live while guiding them to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Susan resides in Homewood, where she is raising her three sons, Preston, Elijah, Porter, and her German Shepard, Finn. In her spare time, she enjoys trail running and teaching spin classes at her local gym to help encourage healthy living goals among participants.

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