Jessica Carmon

Wellness Therapist, Centered Self Wellness
Jessica Carmon

My personal healing journey brought me to Herbalism and Aromatherapy, then on to Reiki and Sound Healing. My studies and experiences have shown time and again that when we are able to strengthen our connection to ourselves, we can tap into our inner guidance. Once we truly know ourselves, we start to uncover the best way to meet our own needs, to increase our vitality. We are able to develop all of our senses to help recognize when something is right for us and when it isn’t. This is personal power. This is the single greatest gift I have received and is now the gift I share with the world.

Session Description:

Finding Your Frequency

Effective leaders understand that they do their best when they are fully aligned with their core values, mission and purpose. In this workshop participants will build a multi-sensory toolbox to help them identify and come back into alignment. They will experience sound, color, and aroma to achieve energetic alignment.  Participants will gain simple and effective tools to shift out of the stress response, will receive suggestions in creating their mindfulness practice and will understand the power that comes from achieving inner balance.