Mindy Santo

Volunteer, Mindy Santo Concierge
Mindy Santo


Empowerment Coach, here to uplift and empower women in transition.

Mindy Santo has been a Momentum volunteer since 2009. Mindy often reflects on how her core has evolved to become the guide that directs her in life. It’s from her core that she connects with women in transition, holding space for them to grow and blossom beyond what they thought was possible. From her core, she listens intently—hearing what they really want to accomplish, then she helps them distill it down into actionable steps so they can create their OWN vision of success.

Her core has supported her in many other ways, namely yoga and dancing; and, it has also saved her from a fall, or three. It was also the reason behind coordinating Fem-Centric Gatherings where women could speak from their hearts, and share their truth in a safe space. And, from her core, a connection to three powerful organizations emerged. In Momentum Leaders she is an active, lead volunteer; for Young Women’s Empowerment Conference (YWEC) she speaks yearly at their Ambassador Workshops; and at Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB), where she had the opportunity to hold a comprehensive seminar based on her “Detox Your Life” program.

And, what’s even better is, her core work has been supporting her with her new hobby–kayaking.