Patricia Arboleda

1) The Perfect Elevator Pitch for Your Personal Brand, 2) Superwoman? Get Out of the Perfectionist Trap
Founder & Executive Coach, Arboleda Coaching

Session One: The Perfect Elevator Pitch for Your Personal Brand

Every successful professional has one thing in common- good branding! Whether they’re looking for a promotion, looking for a job in a different company, starting a personal endeavor, or strengthening their personal image, having a brand is a must. Once they learn how to build a successful brand, they will have the tools they need to promote themselves to new heights. In this session they received the framework to develop their elevator pitch and the best tools for building their personal brand

Session Two: Superwoman? Get Out of the Perfectionist Trap

Perfectionism has been defined as a self-destructive and addictive belief system driven be feelings of shame. The more a person struggles with and fails to meet expectations, the worse they inevitably feel about themselves. In this workshop, Patricia taught participants how to overcome perfectionism to be more successful and fulfilled.

About Patricia

Patricia is a successful Executive and Leadership Coach, a seasoned Career Strategist, and an accomplished entrepreneur, dedicated to helping driven women accelerate their success.

She is the CEO and Founder of Arboleda Coaching, a company she started to pursue her passion of enabling women to connect with their power, develop confidence, and burst through the barriers and into the career and life they truly want.

Patricia is a culturally diverse Latina who brings extensive leadership experience to her practice. Prior to becoming a Certified Coach, she was a driven Senior Executive at a Fortune 500 company, with over 25 years of general management, sales, and marketing experience. She has successfully navigated the corporate landscape throughout her career, leading significant transformations in the organizations and the teams she has led.

Patricia is a Certified Executive Coach and a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. She got a certificate from Cornell University on Women’s Leadership and a Certificate in Strategic Leadership from Columbia Business School.

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