Sommerville B. Johnston

Aspen Roots Collective
Instructor, Founder

Sommerville Johnston is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, wilderness instructor and founder of Aspen Roots Collective. She is passionate about facilitating opportunities for individuals and groups to connect with the natural world, to explore their inner-landscapes, and to discover within themselves a strength and beauty more powerful than they previously knew. She has worked in the mental health field since 2010 and in the outdoors since 2000, incorporating curiosity, humor, deep compassion, and respect into her various roles.

Session Description:

Cultivating Resilience: Tools for your Nervous System

Join Sommerville Johnston, LPC, SEP, 200 RYT for guided mindfulness activities, tools, and practices for cultivating a greater sense of calm in the face of uncertainty. As we continue to face daily unknowns, Sommerville will name why and how we often numb and distract ourselves from discomforts, identify the value of practicing greater presence in the here and now, and encourage us to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

First, a popular five week online class, Finding Your Resilience, will be offered again starting October 21. More details are here:
Also, I co-facilitate a retreat twice a year with an amazing woman, Anna Levesque. We are taking it online this year and helping women facilitate deeply redefining self care from home. The details of how we’ll do this online are in the works, but the Re-Treat will be happening the weekend of November 13, and more can be learned here:
If anyone is interested in counseling or Somatic Experiencing sessions, they can contact me at
And here are some awesome resources:
And books…. the best book I have come across is “The Body Keeps the Score“… amazing. And a very popular book right now on racial trauma is “My grandmother’s Hands” – can’t wait to read this one!

Also, The Miracle of Mindfulness is a wonderful and approachable resource for getting into mindfulness practice.

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