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About the Program

For more than 20 years, Momentum has been advancing women in leadership, but we haven’t done so without men. In fact, the male leadership at some of Alabama’s largest employers were among the early supporters of Momentum’s inception in 2002. 

In 2020, Momentum rolled out a Men with Momentum pilot program to our sponsor companies. For the next two years, we tested different topics, formats, and delivery methods, all of which were impacted to some extent by the pandemic. 

For our 2024 program year, we are excited to announce that Men with Momentum will be open to the entire community! The program will kick off at our Biennial Leadership Conference on March 21st with a Men with Momentum track until noon, two keynote speakers, and general leadership breakout sessions in the afternoon. The cohort will be organized into smaller groups to meet on two more occasions for facilitated discussion as a follow up to the conference. We will close out the year with an in-person Men with Momentum mixer in the fall. 

Momentum applies our proven process of self-awareness, vision casting, action planning, and network building to men who are motivated to become stronger leaders and champions for equitable workplaces. 

Intended Outcomes

  • Understanding of the systemic gender inequities and unconscious biases that persist
  • Ability to identify and address bias in hiring, mentoring, and promoting talent
  • Commitment to build more equitable and inclusive teams
  • Compare and contrast experiences across organizations/industries
  • Support of active efforts to address inequities in the organization and broader community


The investment is $425 to cover the cost of full participation in the Men with Momentum track at the biennial conference March 21, 2024. There is no additional cost to participate in the optional small groups and Men with Momentum Mixer, dates to be announced.

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We’ve always known it was the right thing to do. Men with Momentum has helped me better understand “why” it’s the right thing to do. One opportunity for someone can mean a generational shift in the future of those who come after them.

Men with Momentum Participant


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