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We had an outstanding showing for the fourth biennial Momentum Leadership conference. We are grateful to each and every attendee, panelist, speaker and volunteer who invested the time to advance women in leadership. A very diverse group of over 850 professional women (and some men!) from the state of Alabama convened to learn about resilience, fearless leadership, and how we can all become better leaders. Throughout the day it was easy to see how we are smarter, stronger and better together.

photo credit Erin Tunnell

At the conference, Momentum announced a new leadership program targeted to early-career women. The program, called Upward, is designed to develop leadership skills for motivated professional women with approximately three to seven year’s experience. Momentum will induct its first Upward class in January 2019. We will be taking applications for Upward this summer, and participants will be notified of acceptance in the fall.
Our conference co-chair Cheri Canon also mentioned the strategic work we are doing with a new men’s advisory board, called Men with Momentum. Comprised of leaders from Birmingham’s most prominent businesses, these men are working with Momentum to chart the best course for keeping their top talent, women and men, rising through the ranks together.
While our post-conference survey will remain open for another few weeks, initial responses have been outstanding. Out of the 200 responses that have been entered so far, we have some great preliminary stats to share
  • A full 100% of respondents would be “very likely to recommend the conference to a friend or colleague.”
  • 74% said the conference “exceeded expectations” with another 25% saying it “met expectations.” The remaining one percent had no expectations (smile.)
  • 63% attended the conference for the first time.
  • 92% said the conference was the best or one of the best they have ever attended.
  • The keynote speakers, Bonnie St. John and Carey Lohrenz, knocked it out of the park with 80% and 95% “excellent” ratings, respectively.
  • 19% of attendees were Momentum alumnae, with 81% never having been through the program.
  • Most respondents expressed interest in the Upward program, Momentum’s executive leadership program, and/or having Momentum come conduct training or workshops at their organization.

Andrea McCaskey

Given the tremendous interest in leadership programming for women, Momentum also announced at the conference a key new-hire to our staff: Director of Programs, Andrea McCaskey. Andrea is leaving her current position as VP of HR at BioHorizons to join our team. She will direct our Upward program, executive leadership program, and all community events as well as corporate training. Given the appetite in Birmingham, that’s no small feat, but Andrea is up to the task!
While there is always room to do more, we couldn’t be happier with the success of this conference. We are so very grateful  to the 100+ volunteers, speakers and panelists who made it happen, and much appreciative of our generous sponsors for supporting the event. We plan to have many more local events leading up to our next biennial in 2020. Until then, here are a few ways you can lead with momentum:
1) Connect with us on social media: you’ll find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
2) Apply for the Momentum 2018-19 leadership class.
3) Learn more about the Upward early career program.
4) Request a mentor (or to be one!)
5) Bring Momentum to your organization. Email us to learn more.
If you would be interested in contacting one of our panelists or getting copies of one of the presentations, email us your request.
If you forgot to pick up your door prize and still have your prize voucher, or if you forgot your t-shirt and/or tote bag and still want one, email us…we have a few left.
If you were there but haven’t filled out the conference survey, please do!
With our gratitude,
The Momentum Team

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