Ten Days ‘Til 2017

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Momentum News

Like many of you, the final week in the office in 2016 is a time of reflection on what we’ve accomplished, and a time of planning for what lies ahead next year.

With 10 days left in 2016, here’s Momentum’s Top Ten List of 2016 news and 2017 plans:


#10. We have a tremendous group of women serving on our Board of Directors, led by Board President Vickie Saxon.

#9.  Momentum had our biggest conference ever in March, with outstanding speakers Judge Glenda Hatchett and international long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad.


#8.  Lucky Class 13 completed the Momentum Leadership program in May and was honored at the graduation ceremony hosted by Alabama Power. These accomplished women are now moving on to become part of the powerful Alumnae network and mentoring program that keep the momentum for women in leadership going.

#7. We completed our office expansion in August, allowing us to host alumnae gatherings, board meetings, committee planning sessions, as well as bring in more staff, volunteers and interns to get more done!

#6.  Class 14 was selected over the summer, and we are in awe of this group of resilient, intelligent, and driven women! The class was welcomed at the Kickoff Luncheon in September with keynote speaker Dr. Oliva Affuso.

#5. Our staff grew by a third when yours truly joined full-time in October as Director of Marketing & Development. I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, and to take a moment to like & follow Momentum’s Facebook page, LinkedIn group, and Twitter feed, to keep track of Momentum news all year long!

#4. Momentum renewed our partnership with a wonderful family of corporate sponsors who help keep our program costs affordable and make our mission possible.

#3. Plans will be announced early January for an exciting breakfast event on March 16th celebrating Women’s History Month. Stay tuned for registration and sponsor information coming soon!

#2. Our Honor Roll of generous individual supporters is growing! These gifts help Momentum expand our programming, events, and research for greater impact.

#1.  …and number one on our Top Ten List is most definitely the new programming we’ll offer in 2017, including a parallel leadership program for early-career women, workshops for corporate partners, and support for women’s resource groups. Learn more about these new programs and more outlined in our strategic plan.


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