Upward 2022 Class 4


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You’ll find class resources such as agendas, pre-work, worksheets and presentations for each session below.

Orientation Agenda 

PPT Slides Orientation

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Myth of Work Life Balance TS_Workbook

Personal Leadership Philosophy Exercise

  1. Complete the Personal Leadership Philosophy workbook before our in-person session on May 3rd

Attached you will find the Personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP) Workbook so that you may begin working on your PLP.  The process will take some time, since you will be doing several exercises that require some thought and some input from others.  So, go ahead and get started and give yourself plenty of thinking and reflection time!

  1. Watch the two videos (and one video clip) below before our in-person session on May 3rd

Video 1:  Myth of Work-Life Balance video (approximately 21 minutes long)

In the Myth of Work-Life Balance video, we pause to allow you to watch a brief clip of Dr. Brené Brown.  Below is the link you’ll need to watch it at the designated time during the Myth of Work-Life Balance video.  Don’t worry — in the video, we tell you when to pause our video to watch Brené.  For the purposes of this workshop, we want you to watch her video from 2:57 to 4:40 (but you are welcome to watch the entire video, if desired):


The Myth of Work-Life Balance workbook for the session is attached.  Please print or have this workbook available in digital format as you are watching the Myth of Work-Life Balance video since you will be working on creating your Life Elements Blend as you are watching the video.

In addition, as you are watching the Myth of Work-Life Balance video and completing your Life Elements Blend using the workbook attached, please take notes on any reactions you have, questions that emerge, or any shifts in your thinking that occur.  We want you to capture these experiences so we can have a meaningful discussion when we are together in our session.

Video 2:  Position Power and Personal Power (approximately 9 minutes long)

  1. Bring all materials to the in-person session

To participate fully in the in-person session on May 3rd, 2022, you will need to have all the pre-work completed, including filling out your Personal Leadership Philosophy workbook and completing your Life Elements Blend.

We will be actively referring to and using these in the session together.

We are looking forward to seeing you May 3, 2022.  


DEI: Martina Winston

July 12th Session will be held at Junior League Birmingham:                                                                           2212 20th Ave s, Birmingham AL 35223

Upward 4 AM Agenda July 12 2022

Upward 4 PM Agenda July 12 2022