We advance women leaders.

We deliver training, resources, and the community you need to achieve your goals.

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We believe you deserve a path to be the best version of the remarkable woman you are.

We understand where you are because we’ve been there. For over 20 years, we’ve been delivering transformational change for women.

At Momentum, we guide you through a process of self discovery, vision casting, action planning and connecting to community.

Unlock your potential and enhance personal and professional leadership.

Learn from world class leadership experts

Develop a personalized growth plan

Collaborate with an inspiring community


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Overwhelm is Real

Your talent is in demand and lots of people want your time, at work and at home. In an overwhelmed state, it can be hard to “do more” to demonstrate your value.

You deserve more support

How We Help You Gain Momentum


Take leadership assessments

Pause for reflections

Recognize strengths


Visualize possibilities

Identify opportunities

Overcome limitations


Set goals

Create a personal or professional growth plan

Equip yourself with resources

Connecting to Community

Get a mentor / be a mentor

Tap into our network

Give back


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What our members say

Momentum demonstrates steps women are taking to move into those careers where they should be and want to be.

Dr. Deborah Barnhart

2014 Momentum Woman of Impact Honoree

Momentum’ is mass times velocity squared– something we know well in the Rocket City. By mobilizing the perspectives and talents of Momentum women, we have the opportunity to shape our futures like never before.

Sarah Savage Jones

2022 Momentum Woman of Impact Honoree

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