About Momentum

What We Do…

In addition to our flagship leadership development programs for executive women and early-career women, Momentum is the resource for:

  • conferences and events for the community centered on women in leadership
  • workshops and training on leadership & diversity, tailored to individual organizations
  • connections to 350 accomplished alumnae
  • extensive mentoring program
  • local and state-wide data on women in leadership
  • research and trends on national topics affecting women

Our Commitment to Equity

We are smarter, stronger and better, together. That’s why Momentum commits to diversity, equity and inclusion in our team, classes, programming, and content. Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just practices we teach–we live these values every day. We firmly believe that our world will be a better place when every individual can contribute their full range talents, thoughts, and experiences to the community.

History of The Program

In 2001, a group of dynamic, high-level leaders convened to discuss a means to elevate the professional potential of women throughout the State of Alabama. Momentum has been changing the landscape of possibilities for aspiring executive women ever since, developing their leadership skills and increasing their numbers, effectiveness and visibility. In turn, these women shape policy in their organizations and communities, impacting hundreds of women in their workplace and local networks. They become mentors to emerging leaders. Some take their seats on corporate and nonprofit boards. Some run for public office.

Momentum identifies top-level candidates, and through our 9-month curriculum we address the unique challenges facing women in leadership positions. Through skills-based training and mentoring, Momentum helps build the capabilities of emerging Alabama women leaders.


Momentum is Alabama’s premier women’s leadership program which empowers a diverse group of promising women to develop leadership skills that positively impact business, culture and politics in Alabama.


A valuable resource for leadership development focused primarily on professional women at pivotal moments in their career trajectory, increasing their influence and earning potential.


Excellence in standards.

Inspiration through training, mentoring, & community outreach.

Strategy to advance women in leadership.

Collaboration with each other and the community.

Innovation in solving new challenges.

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