Class Captains

With a growing number of Momentum graduates and a small Momentum office team, we rely heavily on the help of Class Captains. Our Class Captains help us to:

  • Keep their Momentum friends engaged by organizing class events throughout the year
  • Pass on Momentum news, volunteer opportunities, membership drives, and donation requests
  • Keep Momentum informed of life changes, milestones, and changes to contact information for their classmates

Momentum provides Class Captains with an up-to-date class contact list, sample emails for communication, and discounts to select Momentum events.

Arranging Events for your Class

Most of our classes select a standing date and time on the calendar to meet on a monthly or quarterly basis. You may want to poll your class to see if lunch or evenings work best. It may be that your group would like to alternate between lunch and evening times. We suggest sending out a calendar invite with the time and location, and sending an update reminder 1-2 days before to get a final headcount. Avoid emails with “reply all” as this can overload inboxes. Want to keep your gatherings fresh and new? We a list of ideas for you!

Passing on Momentum News

From time to time Class Captains receive an email from the Momentum office with instructions for relaying the information to the class via personal email or phone calls. The personal touch really helps get the message through.

Keeping Momentum Informed

One thing we can say for sure about Momentum women is that, by definition, they never sit still! That can make it hard for our office to keep track of promotions, changes to contact information, celebratory milestones and tough times when our alumnae may need extra support. Class Captains help us fill that gap.

Class Captains

Current Executive Class Captains:

Class One (2002-03) – Denise Canfield, Regions Bank

Class Two (2003-04) – Lajuana Bradford, Regions Bank

Class Three (2004-05) – Carole Cain, Meredith Corporation

Class Four (2005-06) – Susan Swider, GA Studios 

Class Five (2006-07) – Cheryl Kidd, City of Birmingham

Class Six (2007-08) – Tricia Kirk, retired Exceptional Foundation

Class Seven (2009-10) – Lynnette Scott, KBR

Class Eight (2010-11) – Cara Ross, Vulcan Materials Company

Class Nine (2011-12) – Pam White, UAB

Class Ten (2012-13) – Anne Marie Seibel, Bradley

Class Eleven (2013-14) – Becci Hart, Marketing Executive

Class Twelve (2014-15) – Lili Anderson, UAB / Alys Stephens Center

Class Thirteen (2015-16) – Alison Grizzle, Clearview Strategy Partners

Class Fourteen (2016-17) – Paige Boshell, Attorney

Class Fifteen (2017-18) – Anne Pritz

Class Sixteen (2018-2019) – Christy Thomas, Financial Executive

Class Seventeen (2019-2020) – Michelle Boatwright, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama

Class Eighteen (2020-2021) – Micheline Parkey, AMERICAN and Meredith Drennen, Homewood Chamber

Class Nineteen (2021-2022) – Tampia Anderson, Jefferson County and Toni Leeth, UAB

Current Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB:

Class One (2021-2022) – Paige Dorman, Heersink School of Medicine and Megann Cain, Heersink School of Medicine

Current Upward Class Captains:

Class One AM (2019) – Nan Wagner, Shipt Inc.

Class One PM (2019) –

Class Two AM (2020) – Samantha Knight, Abacus Technologies

Class Two PM (2020) – Melissa Mann, Oakworth Capital Bank

Class Three AM (2021) –

Class Three PM (2021) – Alaina Ploski, Encompass Health

Class Four AM (2022) – Kate McComb, Samford University

Class Four PM (2022) – Sybil Scarbrough, City of Birmingham

Interested in becoming a Class Captain? Email us to let us know!

Event Ideas for Your Class

Meet for drinks and/or dinner
These restaurants do well with groups that come and go on a “flow.” We have designated those that are woman-owned with a (W).

Season’s 52 at the Summit
Brat Brot in Lakeview
Melt in Avondale (W)
El ZunZun in Cahaba Heights (W)
Bistrot V in Vestavia
The Grill at Iron City Downtown
Urban Cookhouse in Homewood (W)
Vino in English Village
Chez Lulu in English Village (W)
Freddy’s Wine Bar on Highland Avenue
Outdoor spaces:
Blueprint on 3rd 
Bottega Cafe
Real & Rosemary at The Summit
Back Forty
The Lumbar
Pizzaria GM 
Michael’s at Regions Field
Moonshine at the Elyton

Potluck dinner at a classmate’s house

When everyone brings a dish and/or a bottle of wine, hosting isn’t so hard! When you want to be super-organized, use an app like Perfect Potluck to make it easy.

Go for an “experience” outing

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