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Momentum is a valuable community resource for professional women at all stages of their career trajectory. Our webinars and workshops offer valuable lessons and insights for personal and professional growth to increase your influence and earning potential. Thanks to our generous sponsors, monthly webinars are offered at no cost and are open to the public to register. Most sessions are recorded for future viewing on our Momentum YouTube channel.

Our workshops are offered for a modest registration fee to cover facilities, materials, food and beverage. Workshop categories include business skills, leadership development, community building, and wellbeing.

Featured Webinar

Lisa is Birmingham native who has lived in Brazil and the Florida Keys making a major impact for women literally all over the world. She is an Executive Leadership Coach certified by The International Coaching Federation, with emphasis on helping individuals and teams reach their full potential. This all began when she took the Color Code assessment and realized the impact it had on her life, professionally and personally. She founded Root Motive because she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise to help individuals and teams reach their potential. Root Motive inspires growth via implementing excellence in leadership and communication principles with emphasis on empathy, mission, values, and culture. During our webinar, she will share how leadership excellence is achieved through building and maintaining positive relationships.

This webinar has will be posted on YouTube after the event! 

Recently Recorded

Leading Through Disruption with Gayle Lantz, Momentum Webinar

Don’t let the challenges of life impede your progress and put a damper on new possibilities! Join us to hear ways that you can make leading easier, leverage disruptions, reimagine new possibilities for yourself, and manage personal and organizational reinvention without experiencing complete burnout and frustration.

Gayle Lantz is an author, executive advisor, keynote speaker, change agent, and the CEO of WorkMatters, Inc., which strives to help executives strengthen their teams to inspire innovation, attract top talent, and gain a competitive edge. Gayle has spent over 20 years devoting her time to help others do the work that matters while making a positive difference in many lives.

Recording for this webinar will be posted soon.

Carry as You Climb with Delphine Carter, Momentum Webinar

Life is a series of moments, What will you do with yours? Did you know that close to 90 percent of men and women hold some sort of bias against women? Join us to discover how to determine if you have a bias and how overcoming that bias with behavior shifts can help us all reach our career goals.

The Momentology Method with Malaika Simmons, Momentum Webinar

Life is a series of moments, What will you do with yours? Malaika Simmons, performance mindset coach, corporate trainer, TEDx speaker, and author can help you figure that out. As a result of hearing her speak, audiences are encouraged to dig deeper to find their authentic voice, given tools to unleash dormant abilities and give themselves permission to play bigger and achieve more in less time than they ever thought possible. It’s called a Momentous Life.

Work, Life, Belonging with Literary Healing Arts Founder Salaam Green

The world doesn’t tell you where you belong, you tell the world where you belong. Join us to hear 7 ways to work your truth, resist the myths of imposter syndrome, and embrace your BIG BRAVE power of belonging.

Salaam Green is literary artist, racial healer, is an Alabama Humanities Alliance Road Scholar, and is a sought-out storyteller/speaker and award-winning artist and writer; creator and founder of Literary Healing Arts, which supports individuals and organizations in using writing, poetry, and storytelling to reclaim their voices and transform their lives. Salaam encourages others to build on our shared humanity through story.

The Power of Creativity with Miriam Calleja Shaw

Creativity is a game-changer in every aspect of life and work. Having the ability to approach challenges from different angles and come up with unique solutions is a powerful tool that can set you apart from the rest.

As a poet and non-fiction writer, Miriam talks about how her craft informs her business ethos and her day-to-day work. She will also guide us through a generative writing exercise – so have pen and paper handy!

Wealth, Worth, and Women, a Webinar with Jenny-Rebecca Lewis

This webinar is a deep exploration of women and their perception of themselves, their wealth and their worth. Jenny guides participants through thoughts on the messages we receive from the world on how we should think about these 3 Ws, and how we actually think about them.

Better Together Webinar with Susan Hodgkinson and Alesia Letson

Leadership and Branding experts Susan Hodgkinson and Alesia Latson teamed up to present our March webinar, Better Together. This dynamic duo delved into why it’s critical for women to approach their career journey collaboratively. We are truly smarter, stronger, and better together!

Overcoming Perfectionism with Vitale Hardin

Perfection is one of the most pervasive challenges holding women leaders back – in fact, 97 percent of people struggle with some form of perfectionism. In Overcoming Perfectionism, you will learn how to redirect energy away from perfectionism and towards success. You will learn about the two types of perfectionism, how perfectionism patterns impact leadership abilities, and the bold moves to make to break free.

Vitale brings her training and concepts to life in a fun and relatable way, empowering teams and companies to transform the way they work, produce, and relate. She is an iPEC-certified executive coach, trainer, award-winning speaker, and author. Featured in The New York Times, she is the author of the book, Addicted to Perfect, detailing her struggle with perfectionism and how she overcame it.

In Your Power: React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others with Dr. Sharon Melnick

Based on her research at Harvard Medical School and twenty years as a business psychologist, Dr. Sharon Melnick will show you how to get back “in your power,” where you see how much you can control to show up as your best self and get the outcome you want.

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