Momentum Leadership Series

Momentum has expanded our leadership development beyond the executive leadership and early-career leadership programs we offer. Starting in 2018, Momentum began hosting a quarterly leadership series. These events give professional women (and men!) the opportunity to participate in extraordinary professional development at a very affordable cost. Now everyone can get some Momentum!


January 9, 2020

The Key to Personal Bandwidth

Have you ever looked at super-accomplished leaders and wondered how they can possibly fit career, family, community, exercise, travel and hobbies into their busy lives? Do you find yourself thinking “how could I ever possibly do all that they do?”

We all want to be able to do more–the trick is finding how to manage time, capacity, and resources. In this workshop, we’ll uncover a process to identify your personal resources and commit to living within your personal bandwidths.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discover the benefits associated with harnessing their own resources to the fullest potential (rather than constantly comparing themselves to others or trying to prove themselves over and over).
  • Learn how to operate within their personal bandwidth and utilize their strengths to create a more sustainable, effective, and productive work life.

This workshop is open to all professional women and men, of all career levels. Many thanks to Samford University for hosting this event!

January 9th, 8:30-11:00 
Samford University Brock School of Business, Regions Room
Workshop Fee: $85
Momentum Alumna Members: $75
breakfast, coffee and juice will be served.

Registration for this event is closed. 


More about the work:

Personal bandwidth is defined as: our individual cognitive, emotional, and psychological capacity to function in various roles in our lives. We can all identify numerous factors that decrease or negatively affect our personal bandwidth.

When we push ourselves to work beyond our personal bandwidth, we are operating in a state of scarcity. Operating in an intermittent or chronic state of scarcity significantly limits our bandwidth and capacity to perform.

During the workshop we will introduce research that demonstrates how functioning within our personal bandwidth allows us to maximize our full array of executive functioning abilities and perform more effectively in our various roles.

About the Presenters: 

Dr. Lisa Graham and Dr. Julie McDonald

Dr. Lisa Graham has practiced in the field of organizational psychology for over 17 years. At McDonald Graham, LLC Dr. Graham helps organizations – from small, family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies – through executive coaching, leadership development, conflict management, and many more workplace challenges.

At McDonald Graham, LLC, Dr. Julie McDonald brings her 20+ years of experience providing psychological services out of the therapy office and into the business world, with the singular goal of helping professionals flourish at work and in life. She is experienced in leadership coaching for small businesses, family owned businesses, and large corporations and specializes in coaching high potential employees to progress toward their career and personal goals.



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