Morning Sessions

Take Charge of Your Career 

Frequent change in work and career is the new norm. Being proactive is essential. Learning to navigate changes and come out ahead takes dedication and planning.  Whether you’re working toward a dream job or looking to accomplish more in your organization, this panel discussion will leave you with ideas and inspiration to get the most out of your career.

Building and Maintaining a Network of Relationships

Individuals who succeed in their careers are those who know how to develop relationships of give and take. Panelists in this session will share tips about how to establish new career relationships, as well as how to use social media to increase your network. This panel will be especially helpful to those early in their careers.

Perspectives from Women CEOs

What does it take for a woman to get to the top of an organization?  How many challenges does she face on her way up and how does she overcome them?  Join several Birmingham female CEOs for a dynamic discussion – led by a retired Army Major General – about what it’s like to lead a company and why it is important for us to propel more women into our community’s highest roles.