Mentoring Program


Momentum has a highly successful mentoring program that operates on three levels:

  1. Each leadership class participant has the opportunity to be paired with a senior mentor. Momentum works with participants to identify specific areas in which they wish to grow. We then search our network to find the best possible match based on skill-set, life experiences, and personality.
  2. Our leadership classes are divided into smaller co-mentoring groups that meet outside of class days at least once a month. This peer-to-peer mentoring is a very effective way for participants to share experiences, learn from one another, and build lasting relationships.
  3. Upon graduation each of our classes receive training on how to effectively mentor others. Momentum partners with local universities, young professional groups, and nonprofits focused on women & girls to match our graduates with a mentee.

Over the years Momentum has facilitated more than a thousand mentoring relationships. Our mentors are some of the most distinguished professional women in the state. They come from a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, and a variety of roles, from CEO to scientist. Many are alumnae of the Momentum program, others are friends of Momentum willing to generously give their time and expertise.

If you are interesting in becoming a mentor, contact Tina Upshaw for more information.

Interested in finding a mentor? We can help.