Momentum Matters raises awareness about the barriers facing women who aspire to leadership positions and the skills to move past them. As Alabama’s premier leadership organization, Momentum gives women and men tools to have courageous conversations and build inclusive organizations.

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Introducing our new topic:


Meet LGBTQ+ leaders in Alabama: Dr. Lindsay Sutton and Eva Kendrick. They have been instrumental in founding nonprofits that benefit the queer community and their rights.


Focus on Mental Health and Wellness

In March, Dr. Lisa Graham, organizational psychologist at McDonald Graham, and Rene Washington, life coach at Career Triage HQ met with April Benetollo to discuss mental health and wellness.

Focus on Physical Health

In January and February, we featured four incredible leaders from the Birmingham Medical Community. Kicking off 2021, Dr. Cheri Canon taught us sustainable self-care practices, Dr. Desiree Morgan shared stories of physical resilience, Dr. Julie McDonald explained how psychology impacts physical health, and Dr. Amber Clark informed us on her work health access disparities (and how we can help).

Race + Equity

Our first three episodes are centered on the role of race and gender on equity at different phases of a woman’s life. Elizabeth Huntley will focus on childhood, Bobbie Knight on the young adult/college perspective, and Myla Calhoun will share thoughts on how these issues play out at the community level. Additionally, all three women will share their own stories, challenges and experiences on their path to the impressive leadership roles they are in today.

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March 9: Focus on Mental HealthAbout Dr. Lisa Graham

March 9: Focus on Mental Health

About C. Rene Washington

Feb. 2nd: Psychology of Stress

About Dr. Julie McDonald

Feb. 16th: Equity in Healthcare

About Dr. Amber Clark

Jan. 5th: Self Care

About Dr. Cheri Canon

Jan. 19th: Resilience

About Dr. Desiree Morgan

Early Childhood

November 25th

About Elizabeth Huntley

Higher Education

December 8th

About Bobbie Knight

In the Community

December 22nd

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