April Benetollo

SVP, Marketing, Daxko
April Benetollo, VP, Marketing

April Benetollo is the VP, Marketing on the MAP Board of Directors, a member of the 2016 Conference Steering Committee and a Builder on the Honor Roll of Women’s Leadership.

As the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications, April oversees the Marketing and People team at Daxko. April’s team is responsible for culture and branding of the Daxko Nation, encompassing our products, services, and people. As a member of Daxko’s executive team since 2000, April has played an integral role in growing the company from its earliest days with eight employees to more than 230 team members and a leading market position. During her tenure at Daxko, April has been a member of Daxko’s executive team with positions in General Management, Marketing Leadership, Sales Leadership, Product Management Leadership, and Human Resource Leadership, all reporting to the CEO. April serves on the boards of TechBirmingham, TechAlabama, and Momentum.