Delphine Carter

Prioritizing Caregiving in Company Culture
Founder, Boulo Solutions

Session: Prioritizing Caregiving in Company Culture

Boulo founder Delphine Carter works with mothers trying to meet familial commitments while maintaining their professional selves. She discussed the strain of work/life integration and what alternatives may be available. This session was a call to action for women to insist upon stronger caregiving cultures at work. Delphine explored how a caregiving culture impacts women, how you can influence your organization’s culture through every day behaviors, and how to identify hidden bias.

About Delphine: 

With a career spent rising in the ranks as a product manager at Daxko and Shipt, Delphine has worked on building technology products from the start-up phase to legacy solutions. Her background in creating highly effective teams and maximizing group synergies speaks directly to Boulo’s unique solution.  Her own experience trying to balance career aspirations and family commitments drives her passion for making the mission of Boulo accessible to everyone.


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