Douglas O’Neil

Extemporaneous Theater Company
Chairman and Founder

Founded in 2008, the Extemporaneous Theatre Company (ETC) is now the longest-running improv-based performance company in Birmingham. Known for a variety of audience-pleasing formats from fast-paced familiar games to longform created-on-the-spot story arcs, ETC continues to perform regularly at multiple locations throughout the city. ETC has sought to expand the experience of improv through educational opportunities with Samford University, elementary and secondary schools, and corporate or organizational workshops. Learn more about us at

Session Description:

Beyond Comedy: Building Teamwork Through Improv

Improv comedy: a form of entertainment where the performance is conceived on the spot by a group of players…and something that people almost universally proclaim, “I could never do!” The truth, however, is that the secret to improv is not comedic skill but effective teamwork. The Extemporaneous Theatre Company will demonstrate how the 5 Rules of Improv translate from the stage to the conference room.

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