Elizabeth Huntley

and CEO & Co-founder of Hope Institute
Attorney with Lightfoot, Franklin and White, LLC

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Liz Huntley is a full-time litigation attorney, a dedicated child advocate, a nationally renowned motivational speaker and published author – all with two daughters, a son, and a husband. She inspires young lives across the county with her phenomenal life story.

Growing up in a nightmarish childhood with all odds against her and influences of abuse, neglect, and drug addiction, Liz should never have become who she is today. No human imagination could have predicted it. Her life-changing moment came on her first day of first grade when her teacher spoke the emboldening words, “Elizabeth, you’re going to be the brightest student I ever have.” Those words produced a powerful wake of hope whose current has proven unstoppable.

Committed to the legal profession, Liz is a member of the Defense Research Institute (DRI). She is also active in the Alabama State Bar Association and the Birmingham Bar Association. Her story is chronicled in her book, More than a Bird.

In addition to her work as an attorney, Liz is the CEO of the Hope Institute, a nonprofit with a mission to develop character education curriculum/programs in schools that enable children to learn in an environment of positive respect and support.

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