Katherine Thrower

Logistics Manager

Katherine Thrower graduated magna cum laude from Furman University with a BA in Business Administration.  She complemented her business studies with a liberal arts focus and Latin and Greek studies.  Post graduation, she experimented with various jobs in the music and fashion industries in Los Angeles and eventually moved back to Birmingham, AL, to work with a start-up marketing company, Docupak.

Katherine spent 12 years as a marketing executive at Docupak, Inc., managing national projects and events and distribution of materials for the Army and National Guard.  She also developed a line of teen cosmetics that aimed to teach younger girls healthy and appropriate ways to use makeup.

Katherine enjoyed high school in Mountain Brook and grew up studying classical piano, as well as exploring the entrepreneurial and home-building worlds in a small-business and construction minded family.  She continues to enjoy plugging into the interior design and fashion worlds in her spare time.  She now resides in Homewood with her husband, Adam, and their two children.  There they enjoy spending time with their local neighborhood, as well as involvement in a local church and Montessori school.

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