Kathy Boswell

The World Games 2021 Birmingham
VP of Community Engagement

Kathy is Vice President of Community Engagement with The World Games 2021 Birmingham. Her experience includes serving as Director of Employee Experience with the Birmingham Education Foundation and as a Consultant with Healthcare Experience Foundation. In both organizations, she shared her expertise in organizational culture strategy, leadership development and coaching.  In 2019, Kathy launched her organization: B-Intentional. Kathy is the author of a unique devotional journal entitled PassageWalk™; a 33-day walking program that incorporates walking and Bible study. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Momentum alum.

Session Description:

Leading Well

UAGO is a unique inspirational movement session that interactively incorporates a familiar story, stretching movements and songs. The workshop is very interactive! Participants will leave with a NEW way to connect mind, body and heart in order to serve more intentionally in the places they lead.


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