Kristin Powell, PhD

1) Am I Ready For This? Coaching conversations for leading change. 2) Moderator for Active Allyship
Consultant, Blankenship and Seay Consulting Group

Session: Am I Ready For This? Coaching conversations for leading change.

Strong leadership is critical for effective organizational change. While there is much discussion about how to lead change, there is little discussion about the critical step before that: deciding whether you desire and are ready to do it yourself (readiness to lead change). This step relies heavily on self awareness. These questions are relevant for any leader, and perhaps especially so when by virtue of one or more of your group identities, you are not on the “inside” of the culture you seek to change. In this session participants not only learned about an organizational change model, but also considered the critical steps before embarking on such a process.

Kristin is also moderating the panel on Active Allyship. 

About Kristin:

Dr. Kristin Powell is a licensed psychologist and consultant with Blankenship and Seay Consulting Group.  Dr. Powell obtained a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and draws on her expertise in behavior change, group dynamics, training/development, problem resolution, and team building.

She has taught seminars and provided consulting services on topics such as leading through uncertain times, diversity, equity, and inclusion, unconscious bias, conflict management, difficult and crucial conversations, emotional intelligence, and crisis/stress management to an array of clients in varied industries, such as banking, manufacturing, sports/entertainment, healthcare, education, and the social/non-profit sector.

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