Lisa Graham, PhD

Calm in the Storm: Acting from Your Values When the Going Gets Tough
Organizational Psychologist, McDonald Graham, LLC

Session: Calm in the Storm–Acting from Your Values When the Going Gets Tough

Dr. Graham provided strategies and tools for staying centered during stressful situations through emotional self-regulation and connecting to our values.

About Lisa:

Lisa Goldstein Graham, Ph.D. has practiced in the field of organizational psychology for over 20 years.  Her mission, along with her business partner, Julie McDonald, Ph.D., is to create space for people to do the difficult inner work that is necessary to become their best selves.  Through exceptional facilitation, a focus on skillsets often neglected in leadership development, and application of solid psychological principles, Dr. Graham helps professionals flourish at work and in life.  Dr. Graham works with professionals at all levels of their career individually or in small group settings.  Her experience ranges across a wide variety of organizations including small, family-owned business, nonprofit agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.


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