Margaret Tutwiler

Woman of Impact

A University of Alabama graduate, Ms. Tutwiler has served on a variety of fronts in a number of different capacities for the last thirty years and continues today to lend her expertise to organizations across the country. Her experience includes work as the Assistant Office Manager for the Fund for Government Investors (1975); the Executive Director of President Ford’s Committee for Alabama (1975-6); the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs; the Public Liaison for the US Department of Treasury; and the Deputy Assistant to the President in the White House Office of the Chief of Staff (1985-1988); and the Senior Advisor for the transition team of the US Department of State (1988-9). In March 2001, President George W. Bush nominated Ms. Tutwiler to be the US Ambassador to Morocco, a position she served in until becoming the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy in 2003. She has tapped and led w/success at  Merrill, CIT Group & other large businesses.

Having held positions ranging from local to national levels, Ms. Tutwiler’s work experience is a testament to the power and prowess of an Alabama woman in leadership in both political and business capacities. On a number of occasions, her appointment to a position proved a landmark in the advancement of women within an organization and her performance therein, in turn, impacted and continues to impact the promotion of women in such fields.

Ms. Tutwiler’s energetic commitment to positive change has never limited itself to a single group or community, but in fact, Ms. Tutwiler has been proactive throughout her professional career, using her skills  to make a difference across a wide range of communities, citizens, and cultures.

From her work in Alabama as both a banker and a political administrator to her Washington DC career as an executive secretary and international diplomat, she has made a point of dedicating her life to those who she represents and serves.

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