Sharon Lovoy

Owner, Lovoy's Team Works, Inc.
Sharon Lovoy

Sharon W. Lovoy, owner of Lovoy’s Team Works, Inc., is a training facilitator, executive coach, keynote speaker and intervention specialist in high stakes organizational challenges. She has had the privilege of working with over 300 clients in the US and Canada.

Sharon has worked with organizations such as Mercedes Benz USI, UAB Health Systems, Energen, theSouthern Company and various state and city governments. Her work includes training, executive coaching, consulting for special projects and facilitating dialogue about difficult topics that are challenge growth and progress. Efforts focus on studying positive deviants in other organizations and learning from their successes rather than staying stuck and feeling the need to invent new solutions or engage in “heroic leadership.”

She conducts training for the Delta Leadership Institute, an 8-state consortium of leaders from the poorest parts of the US. Sharon is the pro bono trainer for Sozo Children International based in
Birmingham, AL. This organization’s mission is to release Ugandan children from imprisonment in orphanages, that thrive on child labor, by building group homes headed by Ugandan parents in a healthy community established by the organization.

A lifelong learner, she seeks out both traditional and non-traditional forms of continuing education and certifications like Dialogue training from Dialogos; mediation training from CDR and Harvard; Authentic Leadership from JFK School of Management, Harvard; Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Coaching, Daring Leadership, Living Brave and Leaders Rising. She is also a certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator and is a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations and Influencer. Bio available here.

Sharon is the facilitator for the session “Sleep: Unpack Those Bags Under Your Eyes.”

Problem: We are tired. We burn the candle at both ends. We cut back on our sleep to make our days last longer

Solution: Sleep is that mystery part of our nights. Yet, it is key to our mental and physical health.

This interactive virtual session will cover the following:

  • Assessing our value on sleep.
  • Straight talk on ways we abuse our beautiful bodies by cheating on our sleep.
  • Making a plan for protecting our sleep and that of our families.

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