Sharon Lovoy

The Swiss Army Knife of Conflict Resolution: The Skills To Make A Difference
Owner, Lovoy's Team Works, Inc.

Session: The Swiss Army Knife of Conflict Resolution– The Skills To Make A Difference

Individuals or teams that are embroiled in chronic conflicts are exhausting and work suffers. However, lack of conflict can be just as harmful. Conflict is a normal result of personality differences and everyday differences of opinion. If teams approach conflicts as opportunities, the conflict serves it purpose. Participants in this session received useful, practical information that can be applied immediately on the job, including tools to resolve problems with their team, customers, and leaders. They were given an easy-to-follow process for solutions with buy-in from everyone and the skills to make a difference!

About Sharon: 

Sharon W. Lovoy, SPHR, President of Lovoy’s Team Works, Inc., is a training facilitator, executive coach, keynote speaker and intervention specialist in high stakes organizational challenges.  She has had the privilege of working with over 300 clients in the US and Canada.

She has worked with organizations such as Mercedes Benz USI, UAB Health Systems and SOMPO International. Her work includes training, executive coaching, consulting for special projects and facilitating dialogue about difficult topics that are challenging growth and progress. Efforts focus on studying positive deviants in other organizations and learning from their successes rather than staying stuck and feeling the need to invent new solutions or engage in “heroic leadership.”

She is the pro bono trainer for Sozo Children International whose mission is to release Ugandan children from imprisonment in orphanages that thrive on child labor and build group homes, headed by Ugandan parents. Sharon conducts training for Renew America Together, Civility Leadership Institute (CLI) an organization that works with community leaders, state legislators, law enforcement, educators, business leaders and grassroots activists, to counter partisan politics and our country’s deepening divide.  The participants co-create solutions to problems to replicate in their community.

A lifelong learner, she seeks out continuing education including Dialogue training from Dialogos, Advanced Mediation from CDR and Harvard, Authentic Leadership from JFK School of Management-Harvard, Emotional Intelligence, Breakthrough Coaching: Enhanced Practitioner, TypeCoach Master Coach®, Corporate Coaching from Corporate Coach U and the International Coaching Federation. She has expanded her knowledge of human resources practices through memberships in SHRM, BSHRM, Association for Talent Development, ATDAL, Association of Psychological Type, APTi Alabama, Australian and British APT and the Academy of Dialogue Professionals.

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