Tracie Threadford

City of Tarrant
Mayor Pro Tempore/District 2 City Council Representative

I am Tracie B. Threadford,
Mayor Pro Tempore and District 2 City Council Representative, for the city of Tarrant. As a councilwoman, it’s my job to be a voice for not only the residents in my district but for those in the city of Tarrant who look to me for leadership. I also serve as the Superintendent of the Tarrant Electric Department where I oversee budget of $3 million dollars. I ensure the efficient operation of the electric department, according to compliance regulations set by Tennessee Valley Authority, along with accepted industry standards for electrical operating systems. I develop and update necessary Standard Operating Procedures for tasks to be performed by field personnel and office staff.
Not only am I a civic leader, I am also a Compliance Analyst for Synovus Bank in the mortgage servicing department. In this role I manage different relationships with other entities such as Habitat For Humanity and Dovenmuehle mortgage as well as perform risk evaluations of assigned compliance-related business operations to assess potential risks or control weaknesses.
I have earned the designation of Certified Municipal Official through the League of Municipalities of Alabama. This award was given due to me participating in various trainings and accruing attendance hours offered by The League. I am passionate about the city I live in. Under the right leadership, Tarrant can be an oasis for businesses and residents. I seek to improve our schools as well as our parks and senior center.
My personal interests include reading, traveling, cooking and spending time with my family. I am a wife of 30 years to my husband William. I am the mother of five adult children and have 12 grandchildren.

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