Dawn Burke

Welcome To the Real World: Steps to Become an Authentic Leader, and Remote Control: An Anxious Leader’s Guide on Building a Hybrid Work Culture
VP of Talent Consulting, Kinetix

Session 1:  Welcome To the Real World– Steps to Become an Authentic Leader

The term “Authentic Leadership” has been thrown about for years. But what does that really mean? Intuitively leaders know this makes sense, on the other hand we’ve survived using the “Fake it till you make it” mantra that’s been ingrained in us for years, especially women. For the modern workforce, “faking it” doesn’t work anymore. Not only does it lead to imposter syndrome but corrodes trust because your employees can see right through it.

In this session, Dawn Burke, VP of Talent Consulting at Kinetix, and former VP of People will share the benefits of authentic leadership in a hybrid workforce, mistakes she has made, and steps to be an authentic, “real” leader.

Session 2: Remote Control– An Anxious Leader’s Guide on Building a Hybrid Work Culture

Something is seriously wrong at the workplace you’ve built. Something snapped overnight, and the work culture you created, modeled, and evangelized isn’t working. The one that used to get results feels off. Your employees have embodied the spirit of a 13-year-old, and you feel like you are living inside the movie Inception. The ground under your feet has shifted; What the hell has happened? Oh…The Pandemic. If you are a leader leery of remote/hybrid work cultures, a leader who needs help improving the remote/hybrid culture they have, or one that needs pointers on where to start. This is for you!

About Dawn Burke:

Dawn Burke, VP of Talent Consulting at Kinetix and host of the Workplace Headcase Podcast, is a People & Culture Leader specializing in Modern Leadership, Talent Acquisition practices, employee engagement, and workplace culture. At Kinetix, her role is multi-faceted: as part of the HR Consulting Team, she shares her talent expertise to help organizations elevate their HR strategies, processes, and team capabilities, is a Master Facilitator of the BOSS Leadership Training Program and leads the Talent Marketing Team to create unique employer branding, career site, & social campaigns for organizations.

She is also addicted to ice cream, loves to cry at movies, creates great Spotify playlists, and sings in her car daily. Her husband and cat are the yin to her yang.

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