Stayce Wagner

Founder & CEO, Spencer Crane Etiquette, Lunch with the Boss: Mastering the Modern Business Dining Experience
Stayce Wagner

Session: Lunch with the Boss– Mastering the Modern Business Dining Experience

Please note this is NOT a table manners workshop! A common misconception among early career professionals is that preparing for a business meal means reviewing table manners. Of course, good table manners are essential, but a successful business meal requires preparation far beyond knowing which fork to use. In this workshop, “lunch with the boss” is presented in actionable steps to give the participants the perspective and tools necessary to use business dining for what it truly is —an opportunity to project credibility and develop and maintain relationships.

About Stayce:

Stayce Wagner  is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant trained by The Protocol School of Washington. Stayce uses proven training techniques, humor and engaging real-life examples to create a comprehensive, relevant and enjoyable learning experience for her clients. In addition to private consultations and speaking engagements, Stayce is a popular guest blogger and writer on the topics of social and business etiquette.