Reflections on my internship at Momentum

Kayleigh is a college junior and marketing intern at Momentum.

Alas, the day is finally here. It is my last day working at Momentum.

You see, I started with Momentum at the end of January. As part of my Brock Scholars program in the Brock School of Business at Samford University, I had to find an internship for the spring semester of my sophomore year. When I sat down with my internship adviser, she mentioned a position at Momentum. It was in marketing, which was not necessarily my focus, but I had a feeling the internship would be great experience and great exposure to the business world.

I definitely wasn’t wrong.

Top Takeaways

Recently, I described my time at Momentum as a much-needed stepping stone as I learned how to bring classroom experience into the real world. When I started in January, I was still finding my way and gaining confidence as a college student. Freshmen year was over (thank goodness), my core classes were out of the way, but I was figuring out my new identity as a business student. Suddenly, I needed to wear a blazer to class, read the Wall Street Journal, and understand the latest happenings in the stock market (and I still haven’t figured out that one yet, to be honest).

Not only was professionalism expected from me in class, but in a new work-setting as well.

Of course, the staff at Momentum made the transition from student to employee effortless. They always made me feel at ease, and were patient with me as I figured things out. The Momentum office was a place where I truly transformed. Through projects and events, I was able to bring to life some of my ideas and gain more confidence in my abilities.

Another thing I gained through my time at Momentum was exposure to the obstacles I face in business as a woman. Honestly, I was fully unaware that this would even be an issue. When I started working at Momentum, I realized how intentional businesses must be to cultivate diversity in the workplace. Implicit biases are always at work. My research for blog posts and various projects at Momentum made me realize how important it is to be a part of a workplace that advocates for diversity. That will definitely affect my decision-making upon graduation- in a positive way of course.

Truly, the greatest thing I gained from my time at Momentum was the open door to so many great leaders. I met so many incredible women through the Momentum staff and alumnae network. I was able to meet leaders that have had a tremendous positive impact on the state of Alabama. And each one of those phenomenal leaders took time to invest in me as an individual. The conversations I had and the encouragement I received is something I will never forget. I look forward to passing that same kind of encouragement on to the younger leaders who follow me.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who enhanced my Momentum experience. Momentum is such a wonderful organization. I am proud to have played a small role in their overall impact on the city of Birmingham, the state of Alabama, and beyond.

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