Giving Back to Momentum

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Momentum News

img_2096-2Volunteer Marilyn Henry shares why she chooses to give her time and talents to Momentum: 

When I went through Momentum, I had spent my career in healthcare. Going through the program with women with so many different roles, and in a wide range of industries, it was really helpful to hear that we experienced many of the same things. I certainly learned that the demands of leadership are universal, and how we rise to meet those demands is not always easy. Knowing that you are not alone in figuring that out is powerful in an of itself.

When I retired I knew I wanted to spend my time and energy to give back to the organizations that have meant something to me, to places where I wanted to spend more time than I could spare with a full-time career. Now I can do that and it’s very fulfilling!

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