Perfectionism in the Workplace

Did you know that 92% of people are affected by perfectionism? Perfectionism impacts how we lead, work, and relate to one another. To learn more about this phenomenon in the workplace, Vitale Buford Hardin and her company The Hardin Group conducted research in partnership with the Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado to learn more about the effects of perfectionism at work. Her research uncovered a lot of insightful information, including the following statistics:

  • 86% believed perfectionist expectations impact their work
  • 72% believe perfectionism is harmful to relationship-building
  • 68% believe perfectionism leads to burnout
  • 66% believe perfectionism leads to fear of failure and conflict avoidance
  • 66% of workplaces struggle with perfectionism
  • 1/3 of employees are considering leaving their workplace because of perfectionist expectations

Hardin’s desire to understand perfectionism comes from a deeply personal experience. Growing up, Vitale developed the idea that she was only worthy if she succeeded at everything. After years of struggling with perfectionism, as well as an Adderall addiction, Hardin sought help to overcome the disorder. Through her research and own memoir, Addicted to Perfect, she now helps others overcome perfectionism and learn how to lead with excellence, not perfection.

You can order Addicted to Perfect here from our favorite women-owned bookstore, Thank You Books, and learn more about Hardin’s perfectionism research here.

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