Meet Sharon Lovoy!

Sharon LovoySharon Lovoy will be leading a session at our 2022 Momentum Conference called “The Swiss Army Knife of Conflict Resolution– The Skills To Make A Difference.” The session will provide attendees with tools to problem-solve and to dissolve conflict within the workplace in healthy ways. Read below to find out some more behind-the-scenes information about Sharon!

How did you get started in your profession?

“I was head of Human Resources for two different organizations and then I was laid off on 12.2.1991 along with 49 other people. It was devastating! The bank that laid me off was ordered by the government to cut positions immediately. My former leader and mentor, Jack Phillips, encouraged me to start my consulting business so I could come back legally and work for them. Together we created my organization’s name—Lovoy’s Team Works, Inc. Luckily, I had done free workshops for other companies for 15 years before I lost my job. Those free workshops gave me a ready set of clients which now number 350! I’m so thankful for the opportunities to work with Mercedes, UAB, Shipt, and many small companies as well. I actually wrote about all of this in a book entitled “Building a Successful Consulting Practice” by Jack and Patti Phillips. I contributed a chapter “You are Known by the Company You Keep,” where I detailed the many mistakes I made starting my company and how my failures led to success.”

What’s your connection to Momentum?

“I have several!! April Benetollo, the CEO, was formerly at Daxko, a client of mine. The added bonus is that we go to Zumba together. We have been friends for years. Additionally, I’ve been a longtime fangirl of Andrea McCaskey. I spoke at an earlier Momentum conference and later became an Executive Coach for Class 18 and Class 19. I also did a session on Crucial Conversations for the Emerge class and I did a book club on the same topic (I’m a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations). I intentionally connect to every woman I meet through Momentum because that is where you find the amazing women!”

Who should come to your breakout session?

“Anyone who is experiencing conflict at work and/or at home! That pretty much means everyone! It’s hard to remember a time when we had peace and joy.”

What will people gain from coming to your session?

“I will give participants an easy-to-remember tool to help resolve conflict (AKA: The Swiss Army Knife of Conflict Resolution)!”

How did you have to adapt in your work because of the pandemic?

“When the pandemic first hit, I literally thought my life as a coach and facilitator was over. I then took stock of what I could do virtually, sent myself to a high-level class on virtual facilitation, and quickly started adapting all of my presentations to the new format. Additionally, I took this opportunity to attend many classes online. I’ve been a Master Type professional for many years, but found more training in that area. I also sent myself to Breakthrough Coaching classes where I got my Advanced Practitioner Certification. My coaching business has literally exploded! I’m also looking forward to in-person. It has turned out to be a rich and rewarding time.”

Are there any resources (books, podcasts, etc.) people can start checking out to prepare for your session?

“I’m submitting my book, Cure Your Staff Infection: The Leader’s Guide to Dealing with Work Place Drama, Contagious Bad Behavior and Knots in the Pit of Your Stomach to a publisher. It is has been a labor of love. Joseph Grenny, author of Crucial Conversations, wrote the foreward.”

What’s Birmingham’s best kept secret?

“I think the best kept secret are the beautiful Rails to Trails in Birmingham and the surrounding area. Bike riding became my salvation and feeling of freedom during the throes of the pandemic. I’m waiting for better weather to get back on my bike.  I also got pickleball paddles for Christmas. Stay tuned as I start lessons soon!”

Any other fun facts about yourself or your career?

“My most exciting project happened during the pandemic. Retired General Wesley Clark, Retired Supreme Commander of NATO, asked me to be his lead facilitator for a new project bringing together Democrats, Republicans and Independents. His Executive Director, Mary-Lee Smith, Patti Phillips, and I developed the Civility Leadership Institute. We took written applications and ultimately selected 28 diverse individuals to be a part of the inaugural class. They joined in training to learn about each other’s Personality Types, to gain Crucial Conversations skills, and to engage in Roundtables with national figures who are the opposite sides of issues.

The ultimate goal is to design playbooks to repeat this process to increase mutual respect, courage and integrity all over the country. Our first cohort started in July 2021 and is still meeting. Cohort 2 applications will be taken in March 2022. I would encourage anyone interested in being a part of helping our country to reach civility, apply for this process. My cell is 205.913.2982 and I’m willing to talk with anyone who wants to apply.”

Our upcoming 2022 Momentum Conference will highlight Sharon Lovoy, as well as other breakout session speakers who focus on leadership and empowerment. Registration ends on March 1st!

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